Meet the QuoteRespond leadership team


Uri Turk

CEO - CoFounder

Uri began his career in healthcare marketing, where he learned the critical importance of customer experience in the buyer’s journey. Uri brought this knowledge to the home services world and launched ContractorTexter, the industry’s first automated text responder platform connecting contractors and their homeowner leads. He then launched QuoteRespond, helping businesses on Yelp win more jobs by sending auto email responses to their Quote Requests, so they reach clients instantly and save time.


Hudi Moskowitz

CTO - CoFounder

Hudi is a veteran of the startup world, having worked at multiple NYC based startups as a full stack engineer, with a focus on database development. Hudi launched ContractorTexter with Uri as well as QuoteRespond, and oversees a team of developers working to constantly improve the QuoteRespond platform and add new features as requested. 

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Gafnit Levi

Senior Front End Designer

Gafnit is a digital marketing expert specializing in front end web design. She's a professional with multiple ranges of skills from content and copywriting to QA and search engine optimization, ad creation, building and designing websites and strategy building.

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